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By way of Acts 2:42-47, The Renaissance Movement has a vision and assignment to build community and expand a culture.  The Renaissance Movement, also known as TRM is an organizational society where we aim to teach, train, empower, and cultivate individuals, families, and communities to not only pursue a life in God, but to also increase their quality of life, even if the individual does not have the religious beliefs as we do.  We are not interested in forcing people to believe anything, but are focused on creating a culture where we can live in peace, unity, and love. TRM is all about uniting men that will lead their homes, honor their wives,  take care of their children, and set examples in the community. Iron sharpens iron, and where we fall short we have a community there, not to discourage, but to uplift.  TRM is here to stabilize the individual, reestablish the family, and build the community, and in doing this we will transform society and culture for generations to come.  #TRM

We are a Non-Profit organization looking to build community and revive societal standards of living.


What is our Vision?

Build community and revive kingdom culture, through love, truth, freedom and healing. 


What is our aim?

We aim to revive our communities through Love, Truth, Freedom, and Healing.


What is our brand?

Community, Food, & Fellowship 


What is our Mission?

  • Teach 

  • Train 

  • Empower 

  • Heal

  • Lead

"TRM has helped me to get a better understanding of being a woman of God. I have a better understanding of leaning on God for my health and to trust Him."

– Member of the Movement


Join Us!

Help us revive our communities through Love, Truth, Freedom, and Healing.

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