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"In my words I believe TRM solves the confusion and helps guide individuals that do believe in God; but struggles to live as a true believer and show through the way they live their life is as a true believer. I believe

TRM also helps with those that may be a non-believer as well by having an open heart in welcoming individuals. TRM helps the younger generation with the many struggles that they are facing with living in this current society right now. TRM is able to break down the many things that people struggle with like depression, suicide, sexual assault, forgiveness, relationships, etc and take the word and use the word to help guide individuals to a place of strength, peace, clarity when dealing with those issues.

The purpose of TRM is to serve others, so that they are able to develop a relationship with God and develop understanding; so then we can help others with their salvation and help  the many souls get to the ultimate goal, which is the kingdom. I believe TRM has helped me with understanding my word on a deeper level, by having different series within bible study and fellowship. TRM has allowed me to ask questions within topics that we are discussing to have clarity. One thing I love about TRM is the ability to meet with my pastor and explain what I’m struggling with, why I’m struggling with it and get the guidance that I need from my Shepard to be able to learn how to navigate through those experiences. Also, taking the word and learning how to build a relationship with God and truly learn how to serve him in totality.

TRM has met my needs thus far of learning more about God, learning more about myself and my walk and things I need to continue to do with my walk as a believer."

– Member of the Movement

"TRM has solved the problem of the constant cycle of suicide and depression. All my life I struggled with this and attempted to take my like over several times. Moving across country to a new place no family and friends it became a safe haven away from home. Fostering my actual healing from past abuse and trauma. I even mended my relationship with my mom. Now I can wake up each day with joy and hope for the day. The only reason i struggle to get out of bed now is because it’s so comfortable and I don’t want to go to work lol not because I don’t want to fight through another day of mind battles to stay alive when I don’t want to. Because of TRM I’m learning how to live!"

– Member of the Movement

"TRM solves a person direction of their life. They might think they have it all mapped out. But coming under TRM culture gives you tools on lifestyle and a  spiritual relationship with God that doesn't fall under a religious system.  TRM has taught me the importance of building a relationship with someone outside of church. It is not always about getting the people to a building. But it's about establishing a family."

– Member of the Movement

"I would say that TRM help people to have a more intimate & personal relationship with GOD it allows people to go deeper spiritually. 

Because of the intimate setting TRM has allowed me to open up to others and see that that it’s Real people that genuinely cares about your soul. It has help me to better my relationship with God, myself, my family, my children and l finally understand Who God is like never before, though the bible studies & fellowship meetings.  Before TRM l needed to be connected to people with real life problems trying to find a better way just like me. People who are on the same journey as me. I didn’t need A watered down message. I needed a Ministry that was not gonna be afraid to tell me the truth for the sake of saving my soul and that what l got at TRM and lm so thankful. 

TRM challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone and grow spiritually. If you attend the Ministry and listen to just one message you have no choice but to keep come back for more spiritual food."

– Member of the Movement

"TRM solves mental and emotional dilemmas using a spiritual approach. TRM provides knowledge of scripture in a relatable fashion, in a progressive environment conducive to learning. Above all, TRM is an authentic, judgement free community."

– Member of the Movement


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