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With PRESS our vision is to build community and inspire hope, healing, and harmony for people struggling with the will do love due to depression.  The number of people dealing with depression has continued to increase and we want to help change that.  We aim to prevent suicide outcomes by attacking the stemming issue of depression before it results in an individual taking their life.  Ultimately with this program we hope to help people even before getting to the stage of depression. So with this program we aim to do the following:

  • Provide support groups for people dealing with depression

  • Provide classes to help people find their purpose and passion resulting in a desire to live

  • Provide social functions to our communities that results in building friendships and connections to reduce the feeling of loneliness and emptiness.

  • Provide resources to those in bad circumstances that may result in depression

  • Provide opportunities and resources for people to seek support


Join Us!

Help us revive our communities through Love, Truth, Freedom, and Healing.

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