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With The Essentials our vision is to build community and train adolescents in the basics of life development. Due to the climate of much of our community circumstances with many of our youth not having both parents, or parents and guardians having to work many hours to provide for the children many of our youth grow up without learning essential basics of everyday life.  Many of our children lack these fundamentals simply due to a lack of proper parenting.  We aim to close the gap with this program and equip youth with the essentials.  So with this program we aim to do the following such as teaching and training adolescents in essential things like finance, cooking, time management, prioritizing, laundry, effective decision making, failure & disappointment, how to find a job or start a business, and more.  Below are our core 8 subjects we focus on. 

1. Love & Respect

2. Emotional Stability

3. Discipline

4. Consistency

5. Character 

6. Perseverance

7. Wisdom 

8. Communication


Join Us!

Help us revive our communities through Love, Truth, Freedom, and Healing.

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