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With The Man Cave our vision is to build community through the fellowship of all men.  The need for men to commune and fellowship is very high.  Men need men. Lots of men grow up in cultures and environments of negative influence.  Bad company can corrupt good character and we lose many of our young men due to the lack of support, fellowship, and communion within our communities.  The Man Cave will be our opportunity to gather men to fellowship and build a strong, healthy, and controlled environment of support for the men in our community.  With this program we aim to do the following:

  • Develop young boys into men that will be productive men in our communities and society

  • Provide a safe haven of support for men emotionally, spiritually, mentally, in all areas of life

  • Provide positive activities and fellowship for men.

  • Provide trips and outings with men for fellowship opportunities

Text “trmMancave” to 866-551-1093 to connect with like minded men, husbands, fathers and more


Join Us!

Help us revive our communities through Love, Truth, Freedom, and Healing.

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