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TRM-U (The Relationship & Marriage University)

TRM-U (The Relationship & Marriage University)

The Relationships & Marriage University was created to help men and women pursue and cultivate healthy relationships. At TRMU our motto is "Mastering My Relationships'" while our vision is to build community through relationship education. Relationship education provides our community with a service that is under valued as a whole. Relationship education is the new mental health. The impact that relationships have on our world and in our community are monumental to our quality of life. We are driven  to build a community of singles and couples that desire to learn and grow to achieve the ultimate goal of healthy marriage and family. With this program we aim to do the following

  • Educate people in the area of singleness, dating, relations,  marriage, and more

  • Teach, train, and empower individuals in the skill of Mastering My Relationships"

For immediate relationship advice and questions fully anonymous call the 4Ever Love hotline at 1-888-420-0471 or Text the hotline at 702-757-1931


Join Us!

Help us revive our communities through Love, Truth, Freedom, and Healing.

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